Tuesday, January 17, 2012

of flowers

my favourite flowers will always be: Calla Lilies, Orchids, Anthuriums, Daffodils, Roses and Tulips. So my hand bouquet should be any of these flowers :) suruh ecan teka pun sure dia x tau ni..haha

ive always known that full round bouquet doesnt suit me so while waiting for the boss, i did some research for the hand bouquet/hand bouquet andddd..... haha. i found that a sheath bouquet suits me better than a posy. according to google, these are the types of bridal bouquets:

a posy bouquet. cantik sangat warna dia :)

arm sheath/pageant bouquet
nosegay bouquet.. the colour combo is fun..haha

a round bouquet..

Cascade bouquet

Apparently, a small cascading flower bouquet and sheath bouquet can help to create the illusion of length while posy and round bouquet somehow make us shorter and compact. hehe. im always in for anything that makes me taller. hehehe..

so, posy and round and any large bpuquet suits taller girls as they can help balance the height and draw the attention away from the height.

and since im no skinny nor big, am thinking of a medium size sheath or cascade bouquet lah... though i love full round hand bouquet, i dont think it will look good on me. cantik, but not for me..hehe.

so for the nikah, am thinking of a small cascading bouquet of orchids..purple orchids. coz my dress would be yellow and the bridesmaids will be in purple. hence, the purple orchids.
like this..hehe
super simple kan. like, i'll just buy 2 or 3 stalks of purple orchids and tie them with a ribbon. siap. haha.

tadaaaa :D

and im still thinking about the bouquet for the reception... anthurium mcm cantik but the ones i saw at many florist mostly in big sizes so no no.. daffodils & tulips xyah lah kan.. so, that left me with roses and calla lilies lah.. *big grin*
or, calla lilies with baby's breath? we'll see... hehe.


mrs irmidrza to be said...

heheh...miza sgt heart and love tulips and daisy so much...=) tp sume cantik..=)

nway salam kenal dear..miza b2b 2012.jom tukar link..and share sal kawen..folo u dear..folo me back ya..


FY said...

auwww sweet..i love orchids.. nampak stunning dan lain dari yg lain

dhiera said...

kite suka tulip dgn daisy jugak. sama macam miza tapi ada roses pun ok gk~ hehee

maryaaaaaaa said...

Mrs Irmidza & Dhiera: tulips cantik kannn~ hehe. jatuh cinta ngan tulips sejak my mom yg suka..lama2 tgk cantik juge :)

FY: yay to orchids! unique..hehe.