Thursday, January 19, 2012

my mind has a mind of its own

been having sleeping problems these past few weeks. nothing big i think. just that i always wake up around 1 or 2 am and find it difficult to get back to sleep. and when it's 530am, have to force myself to get up and get ready to work. i think my mind ada a mind of its own lah. everytime terjaga masa tu lah dok terfikir this and that, nk argue with yours truly ni about this and that juga..hehe. that's y susah sket nk tidur balik.

however, this month je dh berapa kali tah lambat... ade accident lah, bangunan terbakar so jalan tutup lah..and sendiri lambat keluar rumah. haih. this is what u get if u dont want to stay kat rumah sewa near ur workplace kan..konon nk saving..hehe. but mmg waayyy cheaper for me to travel everyday pun.. sbb pakai ngv. hee :)

oh by the way, i can now cross OV from my wed prep list as ive finally booked D'Zunnur Chauntique for both nikah and reception. seriously affordable :) i know, coz i didnt plan to have an OV for the wedding pun sbb mcm costly nnt over my budget. but this one mmg i can afford, insyaallah. :)

last night mak asked bout the OP..and i am still looking for one. sebenarnye mcm x sure nk amek pakej yg mcm mana. see, i have a very fickle minded tau...tgk yg ini, nak. tgk yg itu, nak juga. cannot la like that kan.. hehe. smpai kdg2 rasa nak hire someone just to take picture je and give us the softcopy.maybe once dh settle everything baru me n ecan g edit and send for photobook or ape2 lah. a cheaper option, but still risky. ye lah, nk hire siapa? ok ke org tu? nk byr rate cmne? haaa...but i have to juga since nanti if the pictures x cantik or org tu tiba2 ade problem...menyesal je. dhla once in a lifetime nk kahwin ni.. haiyaghhh...


dhiera said...

OV kite sama la syaza~

maryaaaaaaa said...

hehe.. nanti masa wedding syaza, dtg ye.. leh makan2, amek gamba anddd dhiera leh dtg tgk cmne diorg kerja.. :)