Thursday, December 22, 2011

yours truly was given another 2 days mc tues&wed. pffft.

btw, dalam dok ber-mc, sempat gak curik masa survey kain2 utk buat baju nikah & reception. he he he.

went to PPUM teman my mom for her check up and since the fever has gone, we went straight to check kamdar and jakel yesterday. annndddd ive finally decided on the type of fabric and the design of my nikah's dress. haha. alah, it'll be a simple kurung moden je insyaallah :) coz im looking for something that is wearable even after my wedding. classic designs are here to stay kan so maybe who knows i can pass it to my daughter for her e-day ke..haha. berangan.

anyway, the design of my baju kurung moden would be a mix of these.


source: simpanan bff wedding all her bajus were made by man kajang. cantik2 semuanya.

so bye-bye baju kurung moden Rizalman yg hari tu dok sibuk i berminat sgt tu. ;p

went straight to maksu's house to discuss and check with her on the design. discussed about the kain to buy, extra kain needed for the flowy effect & lining, the baju melayu for ecan bla bla bla and she said okay and im a happy girl :)

Plus, she said she's gonna ask my cousin (her daughter yg ade business bead work) to teach me the how-to for the beadworks later so she said i can cut cost sbb boleh DIY sendiri. hehe.. she'll help me in DIY-ing the veil, tudung etc as well. yay!

and oh, since am not into tiara, am currently thinking of a few ways to wear and accesorize my tudung or maybe shawl for the nikah & reception. here's one that i found interesting :)

source: zana's
will continue looking for ideas for the tudung and veil~ seronok lak sbb skrg dh mcm2 cara pengantin style their tudung and veil... :)


dhiera said...

kite suke la gambar last tu~ nak tiru jugak untuk bertandang boleh tak dear?

btw, marya. saya tak ada emel kamu la yunk. emel pls~

maryaaaaaaa said...

sile2... haha masa jumpa gambar tu pun mcm haaaa...ade byk rupenye cara brides stylekan tudung2 diorg. hehe. eh ye? ok sat2 nk check. hehe. sorry ye.

dhiera said...

taw tak pe. hehehe