Friday, December 16, 2011

was down with fever since sunday. mc on monday & tuesday (bosan ah keje kl x cuti isnin tu lak)
and wednesday mmg super malas nk kerja.

anyway, didnt do much on wedding preps lagi. but i can slowly tick off the checklist now :)
thanks to tehaaaaaileviusomuchlahhhh hehe. she's gonna help me with the pictures. ala, dh try tanya2 photographer before this but ecan being ecan, and me being me...finally decided xnak hire for any wedding photoshoot. instead, we've decided to have our own photoshoot with friends. haha.

and i've so far confirmed with dear friends on some ideas for the outing-cum-photoshoot. oh btw, this will only be done somewhere end of May or June or even before Ramadhan next year as i've to wait for ya and syai's delivery in April/May :D

so i've talked to ecan and the ladies of my "highschool sweethearts" idealah. and they've agreed. well, siapa yg x suka kaaaan.. can visit sekolah and all those places yg we used to lepak masa outing di zaman remaja dulu. hehe. aaanddd i finally have the excuse and time to take teha to my kampung utk amek gambar sawah padi! sorrryy lama gila promise but mcm x pnah bwk2 pun. now i have all the reason to bring you kan :)

me and ecan first met in school. alah, duduk boarding school ni mmg la hari2 tgk muka org yg sama kan? but but i didnt know him at all smpailah we all in form 3, in 2001. he sat in front of me in class. hee heee and i always always always bully him and ask him to do my maths hw. see, i super suck at maths and numbers. that's y i dont hv my ticker yet. and that's y i pursue arts, not science. alasan. and he is the one yg introduce me comics. especially conan. haha. ingat lagi that time he and amai (the person sitting next to him) kondem ckp 'poyo gile x reti baca komik" and since then, i'll be looking under his desk if ada any new comics mesti curik n baca. lama2 addicted.haha. life took us to different paths but we still contact2 each other la gak and 8 years later, we started going out together, online. haha. and finally, he's home for gooodddd and we're getting marrieeddddd. weee.

ok, melalut ke laut.

the thing is, im thinking of visiting our school with my girlfriends and ecan so that we can reminisce and take some photos at the same time. boleh la guna those photos for some deco during the wedding kan..

another outing is planned somewhere earlier kot. maybe in April. but it is sooo difficult to get the other ladies ni together since semua org mmg busy. but will try schedule something nanti. these are my uni friends :) and i know sgt2 that possibilities are, they will have some crazy ideas pasal photoshoot ni. will talk to them later lah kot. but they've already know of my plan pun.

As for th OP for the nikah and reception and bertandang, ive managed to contact this one photographer based in shah alam and we've agreed to meet somewhere next week. really hope everything will be okay. penat dah survey2 wehhhh...

p/s: tenha, thanks much. thanks thanks thanks :)

kecik gila gamba ni T____T
btw, this is us in 2002 if x salah la.. tgh cari balik gambar2 lama yang ade both of us together. malangnye sikit gila gambar. ciskek betul. apesal la dulu aku byk menggedik amek gambar dgn org2 x berkenaan. kalaula tau akhirnye akan kawin ngan si ecan ni, mmg dari dulu lg la aku nk rajin bergambar ngan dia. leh konon2 "walk down memory lane" masa malam nikah nnt ;p hahaha.


dhiera said... ye ur future hubby adalah kawan masa sekolah dulu~ at least, nak hang out together dengan kawan2 pun xda hal~

sape OP kamu? share share!

maryaaaaaaa said...

tu la pasal. rupe2nye kawan sekolah gak akhirnye. haha.

OP insyaallah Isnin next week ade meeting ngan dia.. kalau ok semuanya nnt mmg plan nk share :)

teha. said...

*malu mcm syaja*