Friday, November 25, 2011

whirlwind of events

Well, I am in a whole lot of stuff right now. add that to the state of depression once i realized that the salary will only be in next month. did i survive the past 3 months without gaji pun i dont know, and to have to wait for another month. dem... :( i is totally sad x smpai hati nk tell mak that i wont be getting it this month. i hold myself so so so hard when the kerani came into my room to inform me that it wont be in this month. haih.

hish. despite the whirlwind of events, sempat jugak curi bahan2 kat dapur to de-stress myself. i made these babies:

and lunch break tadi i went to cold storage because i miss the smell and sight of fresh has been nearly 3 months++ i didnt buy any groceries and cook and bake for fun. hmmpffft. at least i have my own list of cakes+cookies to bake and food to cook...well, next month. the kitchen is the best place to destress lah for me.

On a different note, the wedding prep is put on hold as ecan is super busy with his work and ehem, yours truly is penniless. We'll wait for the January's pameran pengantin to do some bookings kot. aaaah. i hate waiting. :/
btw, me and ecan is thinking of having the wedding earlier. but still, have to pujuk the parents and my brother yg kejap nk wedding together, kejap xnk. hish.

I dont know what You have in store for me but I know one day, all this will make sense. anddddd that time, I'll be saying alhamdulillah alhamdulillah non stop la mcm selalu bila tersedar diri and nampak hikmahnye when didnt go my way.InsyaAllah.


teha. said...

that last paragraph. thanks.

Cik SaL said...

cutenyer...jom follow sal dear b2b from trgnu