Thursday, October 20, 2011

of the engagement

its a month and 10 days of the engagement. wasnt a big fancy event but alhamdulillah everything went 85% well. :) managed to pull it off with seriously, limited resources and help. guess it wasnt the one ive always wanted but at the end of the day...i couldnt care less.
did the mini dais with the help of sister and brothers, did the hantaran all by myself and make-up with the help of a best friend. love the dress, love the colour combo and thank you maksu for the upah jahit yang free. good this is, she even offered to sew my nikah dress and if i want, the reception dress as well.
am going to book some of the vendors soon. cant wait no more as i plan to settle the payments by monthly installment so that i dont have to be broke the few days/weeks after the big day. oh well, still a long way to go but ive calculated almost everything so that i know i have to start early so i can finish all the payments b4 or on the big day itself.

btw, though some commented that my engagement ring is so halus (small), i beg to differ. coz i super duper love my engagement ring :)


Gadis said...


kat mane butang follower..

Gadis x jumpe nih...^_^

maryaaaaaaa said...

thanks Gadis :)
hehe. baru je tambah sbb baru b4 this x pandai sgt pakai blogger ni ;p