Thursday, October 27, 2011

KL is Raining and I'm thinking of the dress

It is raining outside. am fasting today so hopefully i can make it on time for buka puasa coz ive eaten the last biscuit supply i have in car. i usually hv food stashed in the dashboard coz i sometimes have gastric. this habit starts since i did my Masters in UM and terpaksa meredah jem utk balik ke bangi after class.

anyway, i cant do much of my so-called DIY project yet as I still hv to watch my spending. gaji takkan masuk lg till next month. boooo hooooo :( so, what i did so far is just blogwalking and looking for ideas. but seriouslyyyyy, am still not sure whether i can even DIY or not. ha ha. not the lack of time, but i get bored super easily. maybe i'll drag my sister in law or some friends to help so i wont get bored.

oh yes yes. back to the dress. oh...the rain has stopped! ahaa

I am looking for a simple dress for the solemnization as I want to have something to remember (and to show-off to my future children/grandchildren). my parents still have their bersanding kebaya and baju melayu. A maroon-songket and they are still in good condition. exceptttt, that neither me nor ecan can fit @.@ into. heee

the reason i want the nikah dress to be simple is because i want it to be able to be worn to some other occasions after the wedding itself. aaaaand, on top of that... im a b2b on a budget. heee. so am trying to cut cost here and there as much as i can. ;p and my aunt has agreed to do it for me :D yay! she did it for free for my engagement dress as well. hee. upah is only to bake her some cakes of her choice je ;p

anyway, here are some dresses that i adore. :)

this one is unaisah azlan

This is Syomir Izwa's (picture from fb)
This is kanda Dinda with love's engagement dress. but love the way she wears the kebaya ;)
forgot where this is from. sorry. and if this is to be the inspiration for my nikah dress, i'll make it into a two-piece :)

These two are from Rizalman. cantik gilaaa but mmg x tau lah how nk buat details kat bawah baju tu kan. soooo. xpelah. cuci mata saja pun jadilah ;p btw, love the last one but am having doubts whether it'll look nice with lining inside.

heh. as much as i love these dresses, i somehow can see that the end result of my nikah dress would be something almost similar to my engagement dress but with more details sewn onto it. haha.

something like this, maybe :) taken from nabilazhar.

psstttt. got a sweeeet sms from a good friendaround 1am last night. :) made me smile and rasa nk peluk2 dia then pukul2 sbb buat i rasa malu ;p. but couldnt get to reply coz was tooo sleepy to find the right word. dear humpty dumpty, thanks! :)


Asfiza said...

as suka kanda dinda with love punya baju tudung dan semuaaaaa...hehe ;))

Miss Shikin said...

rizalman punye cutting memang the boommm! boleh jadikan inspiration :)

maryaaaaaaa said...

As: kaaan.. suka gila. i wish laaa sgt nk rajin and creative mcm dia.. :) suka sgt2. hehe.

Shikin: kan kan kannnn.... cantik gila mmg sgt2 cantik! heee.

lenepawida said...

suka yang syomir izwa punya for nikah! very different :) tapi unaisah punya pun macam okay, cuma macam tak clear sgt sebab orang tu duduk kan. huhu

teha. said...

yg part show off tu takleh blah weh. hahahaha

maryaaaaaaa said...

nnt esok2 kau jgn bgtau anak cucu aku ok teha? haha

teha. said...

hey i'm planning to play the good aunt who is the children's favourite and the parents' sworn enemy. hahaha.