Friday, October 21, 2011


been suffering adult acne and it became worst when i stopped the antibiotic last two months. am now taking the antibiotics again. ive tried almost everything from doc's consultation (cost me too much that i decided to abandon the consultation but still continue with the medication for a while) to the cheapest over the counter acne-prone facial products. haih.

the question is...when can i have flawless skinnnnnn??? -.-" ok, no la flawless sgt but at least, i wanna get rid of those bumps...

i dont know if this is true but i cant take evening primrose oil as it makes my acne worst. tried twice and wont take it anymore. one of the doctors i went to said that it's my hormone and another one said that my blood is dirty and my antibody cant resist bacteria. hence, the antibiotics. what is that supposed to mean, idk.

i am now taking doxycycline antibiotics. finished the 1st bottle (after a 2 months hiatus) yesterday. the last time i took it, i need 2 months (2 bottles) of doxycycline to at least control the acne. and i was advised to stop taking it and just maintain regular skincare regime once the spots are cleared, thus i stopped for 2 months. this, they said is important as long term use of antibiotics can lead to resistance of germs to the antibiotics. however, when i stopped, the spots get worst. Lucky u cant see them in the engagement pictures.

am now waiting for september, october and november's salary which i hope (i really really really hope) will be in next month. i am dying coz the cash is running really really low. and would like to go for facials and buy this thing called the Virgin Coconut Oil capsules.

Sheda told me that her sister and brother are taking and she can see the difference of their skin condition so i waaaannntttt. though it is only rm39.90, haih...i cant afford it as i am afraid that i might not get my salary in november. :( have already befriend some of the sellers in fb and i really hope that i can get it asap.

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