Tuesday, October 25, 2011

colours! weee.

I know it is kinda too early to start but no harm kan... hehe.

to decide on the theme for the big day is not easy. haha. And we have done this not-so-seriously ever since he is still abroad coz i need to subconciously influence him to like the colours i like. he he he. No laaaah... when it comes to colour, i usually go for colours that suit me and his skin tone. that's y we took quite some time to discuss bout this.

sooooo... last night was spent discussing the colour combo for the big day. it was a serious discussion, so yeah we pretty much know what we want for the bride's reception. lucky me that he loves all the choices i suggested. heee.

we were thinking of using purple as the base. (i superlove purple,so does he; after years of subconscious persuasion/influence hehe) so here are some of the combo that we love. gonna choose any one of these combo lah kiranya.

we both love the purple+green+white combo. looks fresh. hehe.

purple with a dash of yellow looks good too kan :)

purple looks bold when combined with fuchsia pink. and i know this is gonna be mak's favourite. haha. she is all pink pink and pink.

this soft purple and grey combo looks easy on the eyes, kan. macam ala-ala soothing. sesuai kalau tiba2 cuaca panas terik.

i once want the khemah to be purple and royal blue. love love love the combo but i think it'd be too dark for the khemah as the house is quite shady surrounded by treeeeesssss all over kan.. abah lah ni suka sangat tanam macam2 pokok. but softer shade of blue like the second picture ni should be nice gak kan.. lembut je..

*pics are all from google.


teha. said...

i vote purple green white, walaupun vote di luar kawasan. hahaha.

kitakesitu said...

love purple too =)
hi dear,da link ur blog.tp xjmp plak ur follower button.hee

maryaaaaaaa said...

teha: kaaaan! aku pon sukaaa.

kitakesitu: yup, me love purple much :)

hehe. follower ek? hee. baru start buat blog ni utk wedding prep. ala2 newbie for b2bblog nih. hehe. satgi try buat eh. :)

Asfiza said...

love purple very3 much.! :) hehe...

salam perkenlan dear..:)

picairin said...

love purple... canteks.. cant wait to see the results...tapi labat lagi kan??=)

maryaaaaaaa said...

salam and Hye Asfiza & Picairin :)

me love purple sgt.tu nk purple. hehe. yup lambat lg..still have more than enough time for preparation lah kata orang. :)