Tuesday, July 12, 2011


was contemplating whether to write or not to write. contemplating whether to keep or not to keep. wasnt sure of anything at the moment. wasnt writing for longgggg coz i am trying not to spill out something that i dont wanna jinx

i dont talk much bout my prob because when i do, i usually end up having to listen to theirs or listen to their friends'/family's probs or as they say "same situation that i am at that moment" so yeah. better be quiet. and just a few minutes ago, a few minutes ago...i was trying to get some help on something that i feel i need to share and now i have to wait and err, try to help someone else be strong? not that i dont feel like being there for friends, just sometimes when i do have problems, i hope people would at least, listen. and not telling me theirs and not telling me that they can't help straightaway. and not having to listen to them making fun of me or my problem coz they think its funny.

and at the same time, i am hoping for something that i would refer to as an early birthday gift and i have been contemplating for months to either spill it out or keep it to myself as i have this weird belief that if i share it, i will definitely jinx it. -.-" and haih. keeping it for months aint easy. but since it's just something that i am hoping for (no guarantee that i'll have it anyway) so it is not as bad as trying to keep problems to myself.

please, please. dont rain on me anymore, can?

or maybe i should learn a better way of asking for help? learn a better way of asking for some sympathy?

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teha. said...

i can payung you whaaat.