Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If I have the authority and the power and everything, these are some of the things im gonna tell the new students from the ppg by kpm.

1)if u are not willing to make a few sacrifices and dont want to learn simply because the class is conducted in english, can u please please quit this programme so that others can join?

2)You are fully sponsored, so please stop complaining and asking us and their big boss to help you with your travel expenses, printing bla bla bla. (As if you really cant afford to spend some for your OWN education ke? and to see that you people are driving getz, honda city, grand livina...) zaman saya belajar, rasenye duit minyak xde pulak jpa cover kot~

3)If the primary schoolkids can learn in english, why cant you????? kenapa sampai sanggup quit programme even br register semalam simply because takut sgt belajar in english?????? x pernah ade rasa nk improve urself ke??? dha da chance ni, ape lagi...guna la kot2 4 years down the road, u speak better english than the lecturers kannn...

4)kat sekolah lepas taklimat cikgu besar, guru2 ke tlg sapu sampah, kutip bekas2 kuih, botol2 air yg budak2 tinggalkan? xle ke ade manners sket tlg bwk bekas2 air yg kosong tu buang kat luar. eeeee geram la. dhla disiplin xdak, manners pun xdak gak ka?

my god. these people's mentality kan... :( as what my brother commented when i told him what happened during the QA session, "and these are the ones we trust our kids with in primary schools?"

no, im not mad. tapi sedih. sedih sgt. this is very2 random but now i can understand la Tun Mahathir siap smpai nangis2 masa sedih pasal melayu mudah lupa tu. hmmm...
sedih lah.

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