Sunday, March 13, 2011

I know it is not wrong to dream. but constant daydreaming? hmm... if a friend tells u of his/her dream once or twice, it is still okay. but having to listen/read to the same ol' stories, dreams bla bla bla...kinda make me think a lot. so when is daydreaming becomes bad? i guess when you keep daydreaming and sharing your dream (or passion, as the friend would call it) only with friends, it is not something I should really care about anymore. I mean, I am always encouraging friends to do things that they like and am always happy for them if they get something that I know they have been dreaming and work for. But.... if you keep telling the same thing over and over and over again, doing nothing but dreaming and 'constantly looking for ideas' to make your dream comes true...come onnnnnnnnn. smpai bila agaknye?

I know friends are supposed to be there, encouraging, pushing each other to reach their full potential but there is always a limit. And to know that the friend keep giving excuses of this and that... makes me think that it is not worth it to be encouraging anymore.

I think sometimes we have to stop encouraging friends who dream and talk too much of their dreams and hopes (but do almost nothing to achieve it). so, if you have hopes and dreams and you work on them...I'm still okay with you. perhaps a little harsh reminder is needed kot to make the other friends realize that all talk and no action wont get you anywhere.

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