Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Found an interesting arcticle somewhere (and i forgot where, haih.) on things that can make us happier :)

1. Flip through old photos

2. Munch on nuts

3. Inhale a calming scent

4. Open your shades

5. Walk around the block

6. Clear away clutter

7. Think fast

8.Cue up youtube

9. Rethink your retail therapy

10. Put on a happy face

11. Zone out

12. Chat up a friendly neighbour

13. Chop Veggies

14. Do a good deed

and ive done a few, still... not that happier. haih. at least i get to laugh and smile more tonight. :)


SuperJoner said...

hoi morii! ko nye belog pehal fade fade ni..fancy sgt la tewww.heehe.. weh menjdik jgk la tips nk be happier ni. yg jdik la..

1.cue up youtube
2. do a good deed


mori said...

amende fade fade? haha. aku nk tuka template x tuka2. hahaha.
anyway, marila berusaha jd lebih happy.