Monday, August 23, 2010

of mesra, cepat dan betul

1.i dont know what this is called but i am experiencing this idkwhattocall withdrawal syndrome.

2.the house was broken into on friday. they took our tv and my watch. :( this is the fasting month, and still people are doing this. haih. and the living room feels empty since they took away the tv.

3.i was so frustrated with the enforcement officer whom me and abah went to see to report the case. he told us to wait for an officer to come and do some investigation. apparently, we are not allowed to touch or move anything from the scene. including the door, grill, and everything in the living room. but but, till 4.30pm nobody came (aku report pagi kot kul 8.430 pun x dtg2 ape jadah) and i called the station to check and the man answering asked me to call the person in charge, siap bg nombor lg. when asked if he can call instead of me, he said, "err, cik telefon la ye. nnt cik ckp dgn die. kan sy dh bg nombor tu". that is when i hung up. bloody hell. so much of mesra, cepat dan betul. do they expect us to wait for days br nk betulkan pintu rumah tu? so rumah x payah kunci la? x payah tutup. nk kata bodoh kang, marah. hish.

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si teha. said...

jom aku blanje kek sedap :)