Tuesday, June 15, 2010

seeing the chaos and extreme exhaustion during the wedding, i should start now on thinking of reasons not to allow mak and abah to handle my wedding next year. eh next year? hahahaha. well, at least i should think of ways to convince them that catering is better than rewang. but to convince them, i first have to bribe mak long and atok n nenek to not to pujuk my parents to have rewang. sigh.

btw, do u know the story of those couples who met at other people's wedding and get in contact and finally get married themselves? haha. that's what happen to my brother and sis-in-law. now that i have a sister, i still dont know whether to add "kak" when calling her or not. coz i dont call my brothers abang. btw, i still find it weird having someone else calling my mom "mak". *__*

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lenepawida said...

alamak yeke. perasaan weird bila org lain panggil mak kau mak. wuuu~