Tuesday, June 1, 2010

it feels good crying and screaming in the pillow.


kan bagus if i have the ability to protect me and them loved ones from the feeling of hurt and dejected.

was thinking of typing "someone get me out of here.take me somewhere far" when i realised ive been saying it too much not realizing that i might be that someone. kot. if yes, then no wonder im stucked here not getting anywhere. maybe i should take myself out. well at least now i know i dont need u. and one day, i can go on my own, thank you.

*runnynose no more but now, batuk kering pulak haih. and gusi bengkak doesnt help when i can chew my food properly. cepatla pergi demam*

oh btw, no matter how far we have moved on, if it was there.it was there.

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