Friday, June 11, 2010

among others, one of my biggest concern is that my children will end up being err, what should i call it, idk.maybe...socially unfit? u know, the kind of people who dont know how to act and behave when with others. ok, not that im afraid that they cant make/have friends. but i have this one colleague of mine (ok, i have 2 of them actually) who seems to be extremely frank and thought that whatever comes out from her mouth will mean nothing but what she have in mind. well, first, dia terlalu berkira. sgt berkira especially when it involves her energy and money..i have no problem with that sgt but sbb rs mcm dh too much so ta bole tahan ah.
when u see ur fren's stuff kat admin office n u see me carrying some of those stuff, boleh x jgn tanya "kenapa kene tolong org bawakkan barang dia?" nnt kan dia boleh amek sendiri. for god's sake. kawan kamu tu kan ke pregnant. tgh tunggu hari je. what is wrong with helping? the next time i see her struggling with her stuff or nmpk surat or ape2 je lah ada nama dia n she asked me for help, can i just tell her "kenapa nk kene tolong?"

ptfftthhh. ok, that is one example of perangai that i hope my children wont have.

second. i cant stop myself for wanting to slap he sometimes. no, only times when she tells me boring and unrelated stories like, how proud she is with her mother who apparently scores 3.98 for her masters despite having to raise 4 children and ask us to take a look at the family album when we were in the middle of talking about cerita anak betong. wth? or the time when she repeatedly mention of this one ustaz from indonesia whom she met in madinah last 2 weeks smpai jd sgt obses. too many times i caught her studying the map of indonesia and keep asking me "medan tu dekat dh la dgn acheh ke?. ayah sy dr acheh, dia (the ustaz) dr medan. kira dekat ke?" and things like "syaza, jom buat trip g medan...dh lama teringin g sana" apekaaaaah? b4 u went for umrah, u told me u wanted me to organise a trip to bandung. now medan? u sure it wasnt becoz u wanna visit the ustaz? eh, melalut. ok, the point is, i hope my children takkan jd org yang senang syok sendiri. takat sms/email dua tiga kali dh boleh ckp "sy rasa dia sukaaaa sgt kat sy" ckp mcm tu sekali if dh berpuluh lelaki br dikenali kau ckp mcm tu, x rs kau deserve disepak ke? k, tu je.

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lenepawida said...

whoa! dont worry, i know little syazas and kambings (?) will be as sweet as their mom (and dad?) :D