Monday, May 31, 2010

i hope the runny nose will dry up by tomorrow. gila lah. x suka demam. :(

so many things going on in mind but lately, i couldnt find ways to let them out. i guess i prefer them to take a back seat till i explode.well, for the time being je lah. coz other times, i'll usually slip everything out especially when around people i consider extremely close to me. yeah, that's y im chatty to some and im quiet to some.

(ecan is lecturing me on how to buy a good house from the show he watched just now tp malas nk layan sgt sbb patutnye die tgh study utk exam english esok tp sibuk nk cerita pasal macam mana nak beli rumah dengan bijak. you should study lah yang, bkn bgtau cara2 beli rumah)

bercakap pasal rumah, oh hell. beli rumah rupanya bukan senang. i've learnt a lot masa beli rumah aritu and still learning now. especially pasal loan, banks and bfr.. eh ke blr? haha. x ingat. but one thing that i dont really like bout the salesperson and the people at the developer's office and kakak2 at the management office is that; when they realized my age (a.k.a noticing my age based on the ic number), they will say something like "laa...muda lagi rupenye" and start treating me mcm budak2. it is different when i tagged mak n abah along. bukan main baik lg dia layan~. ceh. sepak kang.

btw, eldest bro's wedding is in 2 weeks time meaning the nikah is within this week in kelantan. gile jauh. nasib baik rumah ecan 2 hours je maximum by car. and looking at all the preparation at home, i can say that i dont really favour malay wedding. and i hate orang kampung yg kecoh busy body. like, dtg rumah utk tolong2 n ask me "eh, ko dh kerja ni dh beli kereta ke belum? anak makcik br beli saga. elok keretenye. ko bile nk beli?" sibuk. rs mcm err... terdiam bila ditanya.sbb selalu org tanya "bila nk kawen?" je kan? haha.


ina said...

aku pn x ske malay wedding. bosan gle. sebosan majlis formal anjuran gomen. n aku benci makcik yg busy body tu. argh aku lak yg stress

mori said...

eh eh, jgn stress na. jgn. ko patut stress masa ko punye wedding je nnt. huhu.