Tuesday, February 9, 2010

as much as i love buying shoes, i think the kind of job im stucked with doesnt allow me to wear those heels. =( mmg cari nahas la kan nk pakai kasut tinggi2 macam tu g keje when i have to walk here n there all day long.

dont expect to stuff all your shopping bags in my trunk somemore sbb all the space dh taken up by the shoes. i cannot leave the shoes at home lah. i just cannot. the car is like my walking closet minus the baju. theres this one time my housemates and i went for jcard day sale and we went crazy beli itu ini smpai comforter, nightdress, bantal, towel pun semua aku beli and at the end of the day semua org panic mane nk letak barang2 sbb xde space. hahah. padan muka lah kan.

baideway, brown cow...i am sooooo sad. ecang wont allow me visit him again. tiket g japan tgh murah ok. but i know, he wont let me visit him again for winter sbb dia dhnk balik for good. how now brown cow.... i wanna go...


oh brown cow, pls dont defy happiness. ok? *hugzz* and your umiyage and ayu's origami papers pun x bagi2 lagi. and i bought u people some chocolates. hope x expired lg. ;p hehe. aimissyu brown cow!!!!!!


lenepawida said...

tgh murah? pegi je, buat sapraisss! :D

mori said...

cannot. how nk kumpul duit kawen? tsk tsk. nnt kene marah.

teyha! said...

ah, takpe biar aku la tolong pergi. hihihi.
joke2, hehe.
(senyum sampai bulan)

teyha! said...
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