Monday, February 1, 2010

there could be million reasons for me to feel depressed. and i never thought that this could be one of the reasons;

20++ missed calls from a student!

shit gile. seryes aku bengang tahap dewa skrg. i dont have answers to all your questions you silly.i am not the one you should see/ask when it comes to your academic enquiries. shit gila. cant u just go n see the person in charge kat academic tu? y do u hv to keep asking me bile ko x dpt cari org yg berkenaan tu ha? ko ingat aku nanny die ke?

urgh. seryes aku bengang gile. with the piling assignments and everything at home lagi... i can go crazy la mcm ni. urgh!


ilya said...

student ko ke ja?? die ngorat ko ke?
huhh... ;p
bongok je kalo org tu xreti bhase ek? sabor aje lerr..

mori said...

haha. student pempuan la ya... but now i feel guilty sbb reply msg dia mcm sgt2 sarcastic aritu. sbb skrg die dh x dtg cari aku lg. huk.