Sunday, February 21, 2010

i have always thought that we can only be bestfriends with people who are almost always around us. i mean, we have our own childhood bestfriends, highschool besties and colleges bff. well, at least i have.

but as i grow wiser, i now think that it is diffrerent with me. i tend to have more best friends who are physically far far away from me. reaching each other only like a few times in a months through sms/fb/blogs. i dont do calls. i dont know why. i usually wait for calls but i rarely call them. i guess its because i always think that i have nothing good to tell.the life is not as fun and exciting as theirs so yeah, im happy when they call and talk talk talk talk and all i do is listen and nod and smile.

so anyway, i sometimes envy others who get to be with their friends almost 24/7 coz i think that they live a happier life with the friends around them almost every day. yada yada yada. the point is, im happy that i have best friends who never forget to text n call me every now and then; even just to say HI! though the distance is keeping us apart all these while. :)

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lenepawida said...

im one of them kan kan. huahua. if im not, but you are. harap paham la english aku ni. risau berckp ngan lecturer english ni. wuwuwu. btw, i love you :)