Monday, January 18, 2010

i dont usually turn to panadol whenever im sick. nor did i go to see the doc coz god knows how i hate seeing doctors and taking medicine. never finished any of mine actually. and that could be the reason y i am easily attacked by illnes.
however, i have no choice other than to take some panadol actifast today. and it really works. haha. except that it didnt stop the flu. now i dont know if actifast can be used for flu or fever. and i went to the nearest 7e to get hurix's punye fluaway but out of stock so i bought the actifast. now, i am thinking of ways to post panadol to japan. can i actually do that? i once posted some ointments and balms etc and fuh naseb baik x kene confiscate. but panadol.... hmm... kang diorg ingat aku jual dadah la pulak.

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teyha! said...

actifast utk selsema? hahahahahahahaha. selsema beli panadol soluble la weh, or clarityne. but clarytine might be controlled medicine.