Thursday, November 12, 2009

love can be blind and deaf at times. well, most of the time.
women make excuses for their err... unfaithful husbands. and we make excuses for our friends. i guess, when i start making excuses for a friend's quirky behaviour, i believe i am starting to accpet them as they are... and when i start to ignore all the man's quirkiness, i think im ready to be lovey dovey. =)well, im blind and deaf when im with the closest friends and him i guess. ;p

but not comfortable with my emotions when im with my friends. just hope they know i love them.

gile ah. semua org dah ade haluan masing2. if skrg nk berjumpe pun agak susah, i wonder what will happen bila semua dh kawin n start their family nnt. sigh.

nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them, kan?

i miss my friends. badly.


syahida said...

owh...ak juge sgt rindukan semua darling..ak rindu nk kumpul2 mcm dl..rindu sgt..ak rindu nk mrepek2,duduk sembang berjam2...xdpt kwsn perumahan yg same pn,at least kite ade satu rumah utk kite sleepover sambil bergosip smbil msing2 terlelap n bgn bergosip kembali..owh..rindu!!!

lenepawida said...

adakah saya one of them? awww. kan syaza is my best girlfriend <3