Tuesday, November 24, 2009

arrived in tokyo last sunday n went to disneylnd yesterday. i feel like sleeping the whole day today since ecan is at school and im left alone with nothing to do.
the weather disguise the time really. its already 4 but since i didnt even open the window, it seems like 6 or 7 am. haha. and ive been surfing for like... err, 5 hours? hahah
i hate taking showers sbb sejuk once u step out of the bilik mandi and man, they dont have kunci kat pintu toilet here. dang.
ecan take me to his school semalam tp masa tu dh gelap gelita so x nmpk apa sgt.
lapar gile.
ugh. nak letak gamba tp x reti guna pc nih -_-"

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teyha! said...

ko x roger aku b4 leaving for japan. aku sulking dgn ko.