Tuesday, November 17, 2009

another 4 days before i start my days with no worries (worrying to burn a hole in your pocket doesnt count kan sayang? haha)

started marking the students' exam paper n the answer scheme is not helping at all. i sometimes wonder why do we have to restrict students imagination soar? why cant we let the students think of their own answer rather than following the textbook religiously? and why the hell is the answer scheme copying the exact same answer from the textbook. -_-" i pity my students.

everytime i finish teaching a chapter (im teaching business comm. bytheway) we'll have some discussion and if the students have difficulty remembering the points (like y do they have to memorize the keypoints when writing a letter?) we'll try to think of things that are easily remembered so that i dont get straight-from-the-textbook-kind-of-answers in my quiz. and i think, being able to write a good letter/proposal/minutes/notice/memo etc is more important than asking them to memorise all the jargons used in the course.

platitudes? gobbledegook? itu pun keluar in exam?gosh. these 2 terms are not important lah (Because they are not majoring in comm./business/english). as long as they know what platitudes and gobbledegook are cukupla. x perlula tanya dlm soalan final exam. ade ke masa kerja nnt bos tanya 'ok, tell me why can u use too much jargon in ur writing?" n the bos expect u to answer "it'll produce a platitude" -_-". i think enuff la diorg juz answer "nnt jd cliche" pls ask more on writing la instead of terms. i dont really like it when im teaching and have to focus n make sure my students memorise all the terms sbb i think if they know ho to write a good piece of work, they should automatically understand all the terms and concepts. i'd rather them understand than memorize.

haih. i seriously believe that the exam system is making students memorize to survive instead of testing their ability to be critical and creative on their own.

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