Monday, October 26, 2009


wow. more than a month. clap clap. haha.

1. i thought i'd have headache having to mark all the students' papers and reports and proposal for the business comm. class. turns out that marking the proposal took me only 5 minutes and the reports took me around 15 minutes. mind you, i have 30 students in the class.
it was sad actually seeing and reading their work. i tried so hard to help them but there's not much i can do.

2. i cant really say that im relieved having survived yet another semester since i havent sit for the exams. haha. but...too lazy to study. haih.

3. im nervous and scared. for the visa application. ya allah, there's soooo many things to be done and checked and approved. malasnyeeeeeeeeee. (but sayang u dont worry ok.i'll get the visa asap. n u dont go mad la ngan org2 embassy tu k. hehe..biasela birokrasi~)

ok.must continue marking before 5.30. chow.


teyha! said...

wah. ade hapdet la.

mori said...

cis kamu teyha. hahahahahhaha. i had so much fun reading other blogs that i forgot that have one. hahah