Thursday, September 10, 2009

it was an emotional day yesterday. 090909

1. theres so many unpublished post i dont even feel like posting. ape tah.
2.i somehow feels like ive changed my perspective in seeing the world.and the people in me lame an old-fashioned.
3.i envy people.some people whose life is always better in my own opinion. but then again, who doest envy others?
4.sometimes, i think that there should be a line in making fun and joke around even with friends.
5.i hate talking. even when i am with people i am comfortable with.


Azha said...

Hi Cik Marya. Azha here. I found your blog through Teha's blog. I kinda like to say sth when you said you envy people who have better life than you. We as a human being never feel satisfied of what we have. The more He gives, the more we want. I too have the same problem here. I envy those people who are cleverer than me by far, I envy those rich people who wear finery clothes,drive expensive cars and whatnots, I envy those who attend top schools like Jenny and few others, I envy almost everything that people have which I don't have.And lately, I'm learning how to correct myself bit by bit. I'm trying to be grateful of what I have. Though I'm not that clever, though I'm not that rich, though I'm not that gorgeous, I believe there must be sth that I have to offer to people. Which I can't see it but others see it obviously. And I think you have sth great that you don't know about but I do and I'm not gonna tell ya;p

Think of butterflies. They have a very beautiful pair of wings. They don't know about it. But we know they are beautiful:-)

mori said...

abg ha.... thank you~ hehe. that really put a smile on my face. hehe.