Sunday, August 9, 2009

a week before the red flag

.i feel funny and happy. and i feel scared and sad. ironic.

.when i was small, i always want to grow up fast. but now i dont. the only reason that i wish i could skip 3 years (this is 2009) into the future is so that i can be a good wife with a loving filthy rich husband *cough* doing things that i like. so what do i like? dont ask. i'll give u different answers each time u ask. reason is... i dont like sharing it with others. people make fun of me all the time but thats ok as long as i count u as my friend. *if not, i might despise u* but, i dont think i can hold it if people make fun of what i really2 like what i really really want to do in life. count urself as my most trusted friend if i ever tell u what that is.

.seriously, i cant make people take me seriously so y bother be serious.

.i need a muse.all the time.and i hope this could be temporary.coz i dont think a muse can stand being with me till death. i make them run away most of the time.

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