Friday, July 31, 2009

menyedapkan hati sendiri

i was thinking if i cud have more, maybe i can give more.oh.and do more. like..whenever i see something i like...i'll start thinking of friends and family that might like the same thing and then i will start thinking if only i have more to spend, i cud buy them this and that and that and that one also. -_-" haha. see nice i am kan... at least i always think of u people. hehe.

but i think if i have more, perhaps i wont be able to be what i am today. maybe...just maybe.. i wont be as berjimat cermat as i am right now. ha ha. thank god the bf is always more careful with his spending. or else, matilah aku lepas kawin nnt kalau dua-dua x reti simpan duit. hehe.

bought 3 pairs of shoes this month. and to justify myself, i said this to kak dayah: emm..emm...kasut ni untuk pegi x kacau kasut2 lain. but i end up alternating shoes ikut warna baju. hadeh. need to stop that.hahah.xpe, those shoes are bought using my birthday voucher except for the grey pumps -_-"

now i need to think of my spending coz raya nanti mesti kena pakai byk duit. haish haish.

oh hey, i am very2 happy that my brother is going to buy me something i REALLY REALLY want for my birthday. hehe. =)

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