Sunday, July 12, 2009

the day i hate being in my room

have i ever mention about the badminton court/club/pusat lepak next to my house?
they are having this closed tournament since friday and right now...right now, i am so mad that they are still not done. weyh..dh tgh malam agaknye...n i have to work tomorrow.the other neighbours have to work too. -_-"
dah la semalam ada karaoke sekali. pukul 2 pun ade org melalak2 sebelum kene marah ngan sape tah br senyap.benci betul.jalan dpn rumah penuh org parking.nk keluar rumah pun susah.
haih.i dont mind when people gather and do something good like playing sports but what makes me annoyed is the noise that they make. gosh.
and whats more annoying is when u can hear little children still playing around till midnight. can u believe they bring along their little kids to lepak2 with their friends past midnight? plus, i dont like seeing kids playing around since morning till malam. kadang2 my mom selamba je tanye budak2 tu x balik belajar/buat hw ke? n there's a few times when my mom chase them because they were playing during maghrib. x hormat langsung.i wonder where their parents are.
ok, back to the tournament which is still going on (12.30 am -_-")... serius rasa nak jerit dari tingkap bilik ni suruh diorg berambus. pening a 3 hari straight bising2 xle tido. benci tau.
n since my bedroom is facing the court, i can clearly hear everything. and just now, someone is talking about how the people there are doing ibadah and dakwah.i just cant stop myself from laughing when i heard who-ever-the-speaker-is, telling them that they should not think that just because they dis not read the quran or perform all the solat sunat at night since last friday because of the tournament, they cant go to heaven. simply because what they are doing is considered ibadah n dakwah. fine, i cant say anything here but but but.... if u mix ibadah and entertainment plus, the men and women mixing around and the karaoke and missing the solat isya' on time for the sake of the tournament (it is also possible that some did miss their magrib prayers as well) bla bla bla...pls...dont talk about heaven n hell. tidak sesuai. oh, dont get me wrong, i just dont like it when unsuitable (and unqualified people) talk about religion at the wrong place, at the wrong time.i know, the intention might be good but i just dont like it.

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