Sunday, June 21, 2009


1.we cant win everytime, can we?
i am sure we hope to win all the time but somehow, He knows whats best for us so sometimes we lose. the question is... how are we supposed to know whats best?

2.i am i am hoping that i can hold tight to whatever i am holding on. well, at least until november 2010.that's when i hope i am done with my study. seriously, i am trying to take things do one thing at a time. and for those who know me, seriously it is difficult. -_-"

3.neq, its good to be home kan? hehe. jom makan2. ur treat of course.haha pound (mcm ni ke spelling dia?malas nk check.haha) converted to rm mestilah u lagi kaya kan.. *batuk*batuk*
so lets wait for lenet n ali's homecoming. hehe.

4.aleng n lenet, thanks for the reply the other day. =)

5.i miss having sleepover/lunch/ape2 je lah where i can talk n talk about life and not be judged.with friends i can talk to.

6.oh to friends who have just started their job...good luck people! haha. skrg semua sudah kerja~ yg x kerja lg sila siapkan resume ye. hehe.


lenepawida said...

yay. sila tunggu aku. rendu deskmate form 1 and 5 aku, and heartmate all the time ^_^

wah gelinya tulis heartmate. org laen yg bc komen, saya tak lesbian tau tau. saye ade boyfren comel. haha.

*ja, ok kan tulis heartmate? tak ke? :P

mori said...

kita bukan soulmate ke? tsk tsk.
walau jauh, tetap dekat dihatiku. uhuk uhuk