Tuesday, April 7, 2009

can a teacher worry too much?

the study week is on and my homegrown students are having their exams.funny that we, the lecturers who worry about the exam.i think its like the mother who worries of their childrens' performance in school.my mother always do this and that when the three of us are having exams. she'll pray really hard, she'll wake up at night for solat hajat, fasting for us, insist on washing and ironing the clothes that we have to brought back every week (kalau bukan musim exam br dia bg cuci sendiri), and checking on us every day and night. she said she gets nervous whenever her children is sitting for exam.emm, i used to think of those as annoying (i know, ungrateful me kan?) but now i know that all that a mother wants is for her children to get good life.and getting good grades is one of the tickets of having a good life in future.*thanking Him for my mother*.
and ive heard stories of good teachers that pray soooo hard for the students to success. i guess this is what my teachers back in high school feel when we were having SPM six years back.hah, baru sekarang rasa berterima kasih.hehe.
ok.i am still not worried of my students.their paper, ENG142 is tomorrow.and BEL260 is emm, lambat lagi...end of this month.but i dont know y am i not worried..haha.
on a different note, i switched off my hp last nite after i received the 7th sms asking questions on grammar. mind you, its fifteen past 11 ok. haha. and when i switched it on again, there's like 11 missed calls.hehe. u know, i dont mind answering questions that might be difficult for the students to answer. but when they ask questions like "miss, what is the difference of 'has'&'had'? do u mind texting me everything on 'has&had' becoz tomorrow Miss D wants us to present in class" or "miss,boleh x bagi contoh ayat passive n negative question yg ada quntifier adjective?nk buat hw ni miss." haih...i can only think of this:why cant they do their hw without asking for answers from others?. i dont mind tau if u ask for directions or some help in doing hw or assignments but pls, dont la expect people to think and write the answer for u.x kisah la apa2 subject pun...at least, make an effort to look for it urself instead of copying and asking for the answer. senangnye la hidup budak2 ni kan...
p/s:dont u just hate ot when ur friends copy ur assignments? ;p


lenepawida said...

huhu~ seryesly. tutup hp is the bes thing. kijam tak kijam. sendiri mau tau.

and babe, i loff u.

* boleh tak kau punye word verification ni orisisha? as in original shisha? :P

mori said...

oo..sebab semalam br layan sisha kat mamak bwh rumah ;p
lenet..cepatla balik! aku rinduuuuu

aisha said...

cik mori, kiter pon extend setaun lah dear. last year tuh extend for 2nd year. nieh br lepas nek 3rd year. huhu. xper2, dier saje extend tuh nak soh syaza g mlwt dier!! hee~