Tuesday, April 14, 2009

i am not a sister to anyone.never a kakak to anyone.but when a friend tell me that her sister is sick and u can feel how worry she is, it makes me worry too.be strong, dont worry too much.that's all i can say.i can never be in her shoes but somehow, i just want her to not to worry.in the end,everything be okay for good people kan? =)
"...many couple teenagers like go to lake disabled person do the 18sx not shy.they dont shy for the caring society...."
"...many transport to access parking bays and buliding clean.many space for paking can in college is the bus, motorcycles,car, and other transportation except airoplane..."
duh.i could laugh out loud if only i dont have 160 papers to be marked -_-"


teyha! said...

selamat pening, syaja. hihi.

aleng said...

aku igtkn ko dh gile. haha . aku cam.blom abis lg 1 ayat yg kaler pink tu, aku dh baca balik. ni tenet aku salah load tulisan ke ko salah quote tulisan ke ko dh gila ni. huuhu. ke aku yg dh gila. hahaha