Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i need ice cream

as much as i really want to catch students cheating in exam hall, i actually realized that i dont have the heart to see my students being caught cheating. =( and now, i think i might not have the heart to report it if i see students cheating. fine, not a good teacher. i know.
i dread having to invigilate tapi i always wanted to get my hands on those students yang kantoi meniru.but then, seing it happen in front of my very own eyes, mcm kesian sgt2.i dont know y, tapi sedih lah.kesian. but at the same time rasa nk marah2 sgt student tu...sbb die dh malukan diri sendiri.susahkan diri sendiri.
on a different note, an anon car crashed into mine.leaving irksome obviously visible scratches on the bumper and the skirt. why wouldnt you leave your apologies/contact number dear mr/ms anon? -_-" now, how will i pay for those scratches?

psst...my wishlist is getting longer.need to cross out some lah.


mira amir @ miraneq said...

owh syai penah buat langgar kereta org and she left a bit of scratches and then lari2 sbb tkot kene byr mahal.cz it was a bmw.lol
ps:tah2 syai pnye keje lagi.hahaha

mori said...

haha.syai ni memang aaa... (haha.tp logically, mmg la org nk lari kan..sbb mesti takut.huhu)