Sunday, March 29, 2009

ungrateful me

bagus kan kalau dapat jadi orang yang bersyukur dengan pemberian tuhan?
i am not that kind of people.well, not that i am not thankful but i always want more and more.i always think that i should have more.i always believe that i can do more.and in the search of more of everything,i sometimes neglect little2 things that in the end...hurt me and people around me.wait, is it cruel if i care less about others and think more of me? sometimes i think it is not but most of the times i'd like to think that i care for others enough that i need more for myself.see? i always think that i need more.i should have ungrateful i am kan?
on the other hand, the generous mak bought me a mini notebook because she said the one i have right now is too big n too heavy and i always take it with me whenever i hv discussion on weekends and at nights.thanks mak.but now, i think i should get something for myself.but i need to save.woh.i have to many mores and buts.

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teyha! said...

get something for your mom first :)