Monday, March 16, 2009

umbrella ella ella ella

i have an obsession with cleanliness and tidiness.but not to the extent of being a perfectionist.
last year, just before my friends graduated, i took a day leave and head to gombak for a quick visit.and ain md noor gave me an umbrella.a green umbrella.if you know her really well that she might buy you gifts, you'll know that she is very practical when it comes to gifts.she'll buy you things that you need and you can use.let see..she gave me a pair of sandals,a very meaningful pillow (ok, meaningful to me je lah), an umbrella and....ape lagi lah xleh fikir skrg.
ok, back to the umbrella, i have always prefer a short and small umbrella which i can fold and keep in bags when i need whenever i fold the umbrella, i always make sure that i fold it really nice and i will not be satisfied unless i get to fold it without any crinkle. however, i have to struggle to fold the green umbrella.i dont know what is wrong with it that makes it extremely difficult to be folded. haih. and i can never have it folded the way i want it to be.

see, sgt comot kan ade crinkle2

hasil yang x memuaskan

last time, i once scold mr.K sebab dia lipat dgn sungguh x kemas. haih. i need to buy a new umbrella.
its raining almost everyday and i always park my car soooo far from the office like i used to do back in iiu so..selalu basah kena hujan time lari nk masuk kereta lepas kerja tau =(
therefore, i have justified myself so i can go for an umbrella shopping.thank you.

i sooo am wasting dear precious time since the brain can no longer process anymore linguistics terms. +_+"

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