Saturday, March 28, 2009

perihal pelajar

1.i was so angry that i yell so loud that my voice can be heard from the 2nd floor.there's this one brainless+shameless student came to my office at 12.50pm. (lunch hour:1245pm ok) asking me to let her do her mid-term exam which was supposed to be taken last month.n last week ive been kind enough to let a few students who missed the test to come to my office and do another test to replace their mid term.ive made it clear in class that that is their last chance to do the test and still, this idiot who was in the class when i made that announcement did not come to do the replacement test.fine.and just when ive finished key-ing in the carry mark, baru terhegeh2 datang buat muke bajet comel nk mintak buat test sbb katenye x sihat but when i asked for mc, tak ada katanya.berambus.

2.the second student is bolder.guess what.she never came to my class and she never call/see/inform me that she is my student.i dont even know that she exist!.tiba2 hari ni dtg ofis asking me to let her sit for final exam and asking me if she can do anything for her carry marks.well, the lame excuse is:i have a personal problem..i cannot come to class and i am not staying at the hostel because of health reason...seriously, last semester, one of my student had a major operation and he took the trouble of asking his parents to come and see me to let me know of his condition and he even call me every week asking for things that i taught in class.n he still come to class even having to ask his friends' help with his wheelchair n later, his tongkat.kalau mahu, seribu jalan, kalau x mahu, seribu dalih.kan?

3.what will you do if you have a student who never stop moaning? she'll complain when u ask the class to write essays, she complain when i wont let them leave earlier, complain again when i do pop quizzes, and last week when i hand out the new list of groups for speaking test in which ive made some changes, i heard that she said "k***k aaa aku kena tukar group" i feel like slapping her.if only i can tell her that she looks ugly because she's always complaining (muka die mcm dh kedut sbb dahi asek berkerut2 semasa merungut).

nevertheless, i still have students whom i heart to bits =)

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lenepawida said...

ohhh~ kerja dgn org mmg susah. tetapi aku juga adela heart engkau ^_^