Saturday, March 28, 2009

dang! i followed the wrong vios.

an old friend of mine texted me this morning ajak makan williams. and since it was sooo long ago g sana, dah lupa jalan masuk dia.

he said he'll wait for me somewhere near kelana jaya lrt & nnt follow his car je. his car is a white vios with the registration number icannotrememberbutitstartswithaW.

and so smpai kelana jaya, dok follow his car, smpai la i was like "eh, asal dia balik rumah sape ni?"

and that's how i realized ive floowed the wrong white vios. duh.

to make it worst, his phone habis battery. last2 try ingt balik jalan, and try call2..dpt la jugak makan.

ha hah. silly me.

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