Friday, February 13, 2009

social responsibility

i seriously think that social education should be taught at school. have you ever come accross teenagers who said that social education is bad because students will become more "social"
(the word social here is used to refer to any activities that lead to social ills. sama la mcm bila digunakan dalam term melayu "dia tu sosial tau". If this is the kind of perception that people have about social studies; saya hanya mampu geleng kepala saja lah.
i once did a discussion with my students on social studies and most of them tell me that social studies teach us how to make love, how to be socially active, men and women mixing freely bla bla bla and it kind of make me this the product of eleven years of school? obviously, they dont read newspaper and they dont watch news, they dont even read magazines (bukan hai, bukan mangga atau remaja atau cleo ok) so how can i have a decent discussion with them in class? kecewanya.


aLeng munirah said...

aku juge kecewa dgn fakta ini

teyha! said...

actually social stuff tu dah diajar pun dalam subjek agama. tapi orang tak peduli.