Monday, December 29, 2008

hye! good morning sunday

-somehow, i feel as if i am not here.
9.05am.awake for almost two hours n waiting for the friends to wake all the magazines on the shelf,on the floor, blog hopping here n there, iron my tudung etc... God, wake them up pls. haha.funny.i ove quiet morning tp skrg ini sudah too much.i need some noise now so wake upppppp!
-huahuahua.i eat quite a number of banana yesterday.tah apesal tah rs mcm sedap plak pisang tu.
- oh.i need to go book shopping la this out of books to read.and i am too lazy to borrow books.
-happy new year to all my muslim friends! =)
i am not done with my new year's resolution list.still working on it.huhu.not that having it is very important but i just feel like i need it somehow.and yeah, i like the feeling when i did a checklist on my azam tahun baru this year.hee hee ;) saya senyum sorang2 sambil buat the checklist okay.haha.

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