Wednesday, November 26, 2008


question 1: what is the nicest most polite way to tell some people that the seat is taken?.A friend suggest me to wear a big diamond ring but i think it looks like a desperate attempt for me to tell the world that i am with someone.simpy because i am not yet married nor engaged.emm...whatever.i already have problems saying no to certain people and now i realize i have problem saying no to strangers as well? ngeh. ape lah saya ni.
would't it be nice if everyone was born with the ability to read signals from another person.
(psst:to my future fiance+hubby;i dont like big diamonds.i like something simple,pretty and small but but but...expensive.hahah! *keluar tanduk*)


Mie Amour said...

white gold??

tYdYnA said...

persoalannye..adekh kamu sudah berpunye sehingga perlu pkkn soklan itu??hehe

cali said...

wah kemain lagi kena ckp no kat strangers.
mengalahkan selebriti ;p