Thursday, November 27, 2008

salah satu sebab tak seronok tgk wayang

went to watch madagascar lat night with the housemates.ketinggalannye rasa sbb mcm semua org pun dh tgk awal2.haha.anyway, has anyone be in the cinema sitting next to a girl and a bunch of her friends who seems to enjoy being the unofficial commentator for the movie? if you think you would like to comment on every single thing happened in the movie...please please please get yourself a pirated dvd and watch it at home. it was really a nightmare because i have to constantly buat2 macam batuk2 n ehem ehem gitu to ask them to shut up. and what annoys me more is when they keep on saying 'ala comeynye...' 'eh eh alaa...sweet~' "uuu..comelnye.cute sangat..' (dengan tone n pitch suara yang agak nyaring dan manja). you know that some of my male friends sometimes ask me why girls like to say "comelnye.." "kiutnye.." in such annoying i get it.seriously annoying.with all due respect to my lady friends who read this, i am not saying that it is wrong doing that tapi...if you keep saying it, i just cant help but look at you in surprise.seriously, kalau ye pun bende tu kiut and comel...ape kata kalau cakap sekali dua lepas tu stop. say it once and i get need to say it more than 30 times (sy sgt annoyed smpai sy kira berapa kali dia sebut mcm tu tau.see....mmg dh annoyed sgt la kan kalau smpai mcm tu).i know, girls are expressive and more emotional than guys but come on...dont cross the line. dgn kawan2 kamu bolehla nk ckp mcm tu dgn kuat berkali2. but when you are in public , there are some things that you shouldn't do because it might cause others to feel uncomfortable.or in my case, annoyed.
and as if that was not enough, the girls seem like to comment everything. ' anak2 bla bla bla' 'aaa...tgk tu tgk tu.mcm real la kan...' ' yg create kartun ni creative gile la kan sbb bla bla bla..'. omg. kot ye pun ckp tlgla jgn sampai satu row boleh dgr n menoleh.

i had similar experience when watching puteri gunung ledang few years back.tapi dulu sekumpulan makcik2 yang bising2 comment tiara berlakon teater.lagilah annoying.i paid so much to watch the theatre and get to sit next to a group of makcik2 yg bising.adeh la~.


aLeng munirah said...

haha.. balik opis trus tulis ke kak.. hahaha

Konstantine said...

ooooo camni la kwn! mentang2 dah ade kwn baru tros lupekan kwn lame eyh~ sampai hati ko saza. karoeke kat warta pon x ajak aku skarang.


mori said...

aleng: ye aleng. aku mmg xde keje kan.haha

ben: hoi! sadap u sadap! u dont have to tell the whole world. nanti kau nanti kau (gaya jen)

Mie Amour said...

mmg nyampah..hve xperience gak but dgn my own fren la..smpai kene cubit n jerit sket kat die suro stop bcakap..yikes!!xsuke org yg like to annoy other nak cekik je..maaf..teremo plak..ahahaha..

cali said...

kiutnye. ala chomel nye. hhahahaa

erk. kareoke di warta? hahaha we bangians pun tak penah melalak di situ. or have you ben? :P

Konstantine said...

itu lah chali! maybe we must one day go try la kan? we bring mauri along since she's been there. hahahaha! ;P

pembebel yang setia ~ said...

ape kate next time, kak syaza book sume seats kt wayang tuh,haa~ pastuh ajak ayu skali!