Wednesday, November 5, 2008


last night was spent with a session of 'mari share pengalaman2 mistik'.
people who know me well would know that i am not a fan of anything horror. sumpah kala ajak aku tgk wayang cerita hantu pon aku tutup mata n telinga utk kebanyakan masa wayang ditayang.
it started when last week, a student here was having some sort of encounter with her family's saka (that was wat i was told)n i was actually going to a friend's room when i saw her. sgt scary ok muka die time tu. well i thought the last time i would see or hear anything mystical or scary mcm tu was in high school.rupe2nye ade lagi~. hehe. i dont really believe in these things but but but... i saw her lifting the desk with one hand.wuyoo... terus terberenti aku dpn bilik tu. sgt terkejut. at first, she didnt even have her hands atas meja tu pun. n it moves back and forth before she lifted it up with her right hand sbb nk campak kat ustaz yg tgh bace2 doa tu. erk. in the end, she was brought to darul syifa'.
oh.nk kene jage exam.tata.

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