Monday, November 3, 2008

poor baju kurung

i always dream of myself in the finest most elegant+smart suit for office or having the most gorgeous jeans and tops, driving a Caldina (previously it was Rav4 and before, it was Jazz)... err.this is not about my dream cars *batuk*kacang*batuk*. so anyway, is it wrong to wear traditional dress to the mall? i sometimes go straight from class/office to the mall to do some window shopping wearing baju kurung and i can sense some eyes looking at me with questions in their heads. weekdays, its better tp weekends, there'll be lots more eyes.
tak attractive ke pakai baju2 traditional? i think malay girls look attractive and sexy in their baju kurung so kenapa mesti ada dengar bisik2 yg seperti mengejek bila lalu di sebelah? ceh. way before these im-so-modern-i-dont-wear-baju-kurung people were born, i believe that their grandmothers/great granny wears baju kurung or kebaya and their grandfathers find them attractive. nobody question whe they g out for a date in baju kurung. hek.
another thing...before you rool your eyes thinking 'omg,k.g nye' or 'nk g mane la tu'(baca dgn nada yg agak menyampah)have u ever thought that perhaps those people have just come back form somewhere like a wedding...a meeting...a anything that requires them to wear those dresses?
however, something that i have learnt form past experiences(and my friends' experiences)is salesperson will treat u differently as if u are so k.g and hav no money.duh.


mira amir @ miraneq said...

heh ade plak org pk mcm tu ke?
i kalau terserempak org pakai bj kurung tu,i assume diorg br blik keje la.esp kalau kt klcc ke.
poyo je nk ckp org kg

aini hanan said...

i think baju kurung is very versatile. boleh pakai ke mana2 and utk apa2 function. formal boleh, casual boleh, gi rumah orang boleh, gi class/office boleh.. and so on.

so yeay to baju kurung! :)

p.s. totally agree that baju kurung pun sexy! :)

aLeng munirah said...

aku pki baju kurung dgn selamba kodok je pi tgk wyg ke g mall ke [g syria] sume.hak2 tp x pnah plak aku dgr org cm ngutuk2. dgr org puji dr blkg adela. hakhakhak. mesti aku nmpk sweet ;p erm mungkin mata2 yg memandang tu bukan mengutuk sebenanye tp memuji.. :)

teyha! said...

aku tegar baju kurung weh. haha.