Friday, November 14, 2008

my check list

as usual.
my antibody failed in the battle to guard my body.this is the second time this month.
so i would looooooooooove to buy some antibody to be added to my currently insufficient-weak antibody.
if anyone knows where o get one, do contact me.
lemme me do some check list here:
1. drink plenty of plain water everyday - yep. i drink at least 1500ml at daytime n at night, usually not that much (to avoid paru2 berair---a doctor advised me on this) balanced meal - sure do. i never skipped my meal,eating the right portion everytime,try avoiding unhealthy meal, and dont eat at dirty eating places. i eat fruits n veggie everyday, btw.
3.get enough sleep/rest - yeah.i sleep early and usually woke up early (to prepare bfast. see see, i dont skip breakfast pun tau)
4. take some supplement - yes. i take vitamin c n some suggested supplement. however, i cannot take too much vitamin c bcoz if i take more than needed, i'll have a flu.(this is tru experience and doctor's advice)
5. exercise - ye! my job requires me to walk a lot. talk a lot. and stand a lot.oh.i practice yoga too ;p
6. stay out of stress - yieha.i get stressed pretty easy but usually, it doesnt stay long because i have a short term memory prob so i'll forget about it the minute i hear/see some jokes.
7. finish my antibiotic - hehe.this one, i RARELY do.

can i blame on the last one? no, i dot think so. tomorrow, im asked to do some blood-test-whatever-they-call-it.insyaallah.
in the meantime, i tried to do some research on antibody and health problems bla bla bla but my eyes are too watery and i couldnt understand some of the medical terms used in those articles. bu ha. so off i sleep some more.

p/s: sometimes, it's so frustrating coz u only have like 2 healthy weeks ever month tau.anyway,i asked my brother to re-stock these baybiez:


teyha! said...

makan la junkfood lgi banyak. boleh sehat 2 hari pulak dalam sebulan.

mori said...

ok.nnt aku mkn junkfood byk2 lagi. haha