Tuesday, November 25, 2008

just my 2 cents

as far as i know(please correct me if i am wrong), fatwa is an edict for things which is nt clearly explained in the Quran. and to give out the edict, one must be knowledgable and well versed on sooo many things. therefore, when some people condemn the National Fatwa Council on banning yoga and ask them to put out fatwa for incest, rape,teen prgnancy, snatch theft and drugs.... it left me wonder whether these people do realy know what a fatwa is. rape, incest, bersekedudukan and stealing? god. it is clearly stated in the Quran that these things are PROHIBITED. thus, there is no need for fatwas. teen pregnancy is just the result of
sex before marriage and heck, isnt adultery is prohibited? for some people who said that the council are made up of backward and retarded people, hello hello... do u really think that these people are idiots?
i am just saddened by some good people who live a good life (by good, i dont mean islamically good ok. it means living a good life with good jobs, family, frens bla bla bla) who provide channels for their religion to be trashed by strangers who happen to have little knowledge of the religion.ok, lets just think that they do have little knowledge but perhaps maybe they went to see the wrong guru like ayah pin kot? or some extreme people who would call other people from other religion as whore. because, i believe that there are no religion in this world that allow its believers to condemn others just because they hold different religious views. and i disagree when some people call out for a modern islam way of life simply because Islam is Islam. relevan sepanjang zaman.so no need for a newly revised islam.
it is only a guideline.If you cant accept it, i is a matter between you.and if some people cannot accept it or they believe that the yoga that they practice is ok since it does not incorporate any chants or prayers, then go on.do it.after all, even it is known that consuming alcohol, gambling, and adultery are prohibited, they are still openly done by Muslims kan...but please dont insult the religion just because of an exercise. tinggi sangatkah martabat senaman kalau dibandingkan dgn agama sampai agama boleh dipijak untuk menjunjung senaman?
personally, i see yoga as another type of exercise AS LONG AS it doesnt involve the chants. this morning, i google up about chants and mantras for yoga and some websites provide the translation of those chants and ehm... there are some which says things like '....i bow to the God o Sun...' and i believe this is the concern of the council. not the physical movement.and no, they do not regard you as having a weak faith and gullible but they are fearing that some people might (might ok.might.) ter-perform these chants.
oh ye, in her blog, MM ask for examples when the council said that 'doing one would lead to another'. okay..banyak agaknye contoh.haih.


pembebel yang setia ~ said...

setuju2.sy rase kak syaja slh amek course laa...mungkin ptot amek law ke ape ke~

Konstantine said...

haha aku pon baru tulis pasal nih gak! read my blog!

Mie Amour said...

hmm...great comment..huhuu..kite pun prnah je wat yoga ni...xpayah bce mentera..pikir logiklah sket..bnyak lg mnde pnting prlu didiskuskan..

Anonymous said...

ppl might get confuse..they tot tht yoga is TOTALLY prohibited..pastu marah2 n bising2.yes..dah ade fatwa but ulama' dah ckp if u x baca all the charms..boleh buat. cume tak digalakkan.cuma jgn sampai terpesong akidah.thanx shaza for the article..very good indeed! islam nie sgt mudah..kan?