Tuesday, November 11, 2008


have you ever had a time when you think that everyone including you is unanimously dreaming and thinking and talking about one thing only to realize that you are the only one having it lingers in your mind.
i have so many times refused to believe that distance, differences, and changes can pull entities away but sometimes...they could.
It is not something funny that you can laugh about but sometimes...all you can do is smile and laugh before you shake it off.just so you wont look bad.oh,it is okay if you feel bad as long as you dont look bad. puff.
shake shake shake and laugh laugh laugh.stop the tears dropping which could make the scene worst and in the end, you will get the blame.
i guess once you are in, you can always be kicked out whether or not you and them realizing or expecting. anyway, we should act mature and all grown up, shouldn't we?
so any try for a talk or discussion will not be entertained, no?