Thursday, October 23, 2008

my morning is ruined by an annoying text message

call me prejudice but i dont think it's cute when men try to be cute. perhaps i dont belong to the generation where cute and sweet men are considered charming.
somehow, i'd rather be with manly men than a jambu men.
and please, i am not talking bout physical appearance ok. u can look as jambu as u want (or as u are) but please be as manly as u can.
words like 'owang''cweetie' 'mamam' 'cakit' etc should never never and never be used. save them for your kids or your gf(dat is only if they like it lah)
i do like metrosexual men but overly trying to act(and sound) cute and sweet makes me puke.
just now i asked a male acquaintance 'kau tgh rase comel dan sweet ke?' to which he replied 'kenape pulak? hehe.owang mmg sweet ;P ". n then i decided to stop texting him.duh. even if its an act of wooing...emm, lets just say that he's wrong if he thinks that he can woo me by doing that. annoyed mungkin la.
on the other hand, i think sometimes people just dont understand that they have to communicate differently with different people. would you go around and talk to someone u barely know using those words? euw.


ilya said...

totally agree!! its menggelikan and annoying!
ade budak ofis aku mcm tu...panggil2 aku sayang la...geli..geli....

mira amir @ miraneq said...

i guess we are all the same.why men cant be men?
rupe ade tp syg gle.
and i hate ppl txting sihat as chat,syg=cyg
and etc.euwwwwwww
btw this is my nw no, +447549954778

aini hanan said...

setuju! seriously, girls who text like that is bad enough for me. and having guys saying things like "cakit peyut" : macam mintak pelempang pun ada. haha.

atishoo86 said...

omg. agree hanan said, girls yg suke ckp cmtuh pon da rs geli geleman.nak mamam..owang caket la..tlgla.apatah lg laki.huh.

mie_amour said...

mmg btul pun syaza..ngengadanya..xslap pnah bce this issue kat blog hanan but it's more to spelling like aqewlaaa n what so ever..geli gile n mmg akan tgur klau ade yg msg's an act of childish person..ngengade..

nuu! said...

ya Allah, couldnt agree more. sgtlh annoying guys like tht, ex akuy yg ko kenal tu pagi2 suka sms "wakey wakey sunshine..." takpun "bucukk dh mamam" kepala hotak btl. aku dh 49 kali ckp grow up. plus, aku umur dh 23 kot.ckp lh mcm manusia biasa. hehe

mori said...

ye.aku setuju dgn kamu semua!