Sunday, October 26, 2008

aku mmg suck dlm hal ini

u know, it really breaks ur heart knowing and seeing people you love going tru difficult times. sometimes i wish i can be there whenever they need me. i wish i have a pintu suka hati so that i can be there for them.

u know wat would make me satisfied? to have a poket doraemon.lebih senang jika ada.

it makes me sad to see and know that they are not happy.i think too much n i worry too much.dats y i am sad when i know they are sad.

i can be overprotective sometimes.perhaps experience taught me to be one.
BUT.i always have problems to show n express my feelings.i am emotionless when im with people.but im full of emotions when i am alone. i am afraid of expressing bcoz im too yeah...its bcoz i think too much that makes me think of too much 'wat if...' e.g: wat if she/he doesnt like me asking? wat if he/she thinks i am overeacting?

p/s:u know i love u right? so dont u ever feel miserable or lonely coz i will never stop this thing that we have between us.this friendship.(no, this one is not for pinat.its for my sidekicks.)


teyha! said...

kalau tak sayang, kau tak akan offer untuk datang dari bangi ambil aku di gombak =]

nuu! said...

uuuuuuuuuu syaja penuh dgn kaseh syg

Mie Amour said...

that's what friend are for...good job syaza..ssh nak dpt kwn baik skrang..

lenepawida said...

ini adela chentaku yg kedua.selepas mama.