Monday, September 1, 2008

wat happened on saturday

me was in PD for an MLG course at glory beach resort. the pakcik driver was unsure of the way to get there n so i became the penunjuk jalan. actually, i dont know that im quite familiar with pd n seremban. but since my family n my friends frequently go to pd, so mcm dh biasa lak jalan2 kat situ.

saturday was 30th August. the merdeka eve n so i guess u can imagine how packed the place was. not gonna tell bout the corse here (still waiting for the pics from kak banie n arfah coz i forgot to charge the battery *sigh*) but but but... this is wat happened on saturday; maghrib.

i was alone in the lift on my way to the cafe for dinner. tibe2 the lift stopped at i forgot which level it was coz the moment the door opened, i heard two male voices singing lagu rock kapak mane tah n behold~ there was two mat rempit in front of me wearing only their brief swim suit. n since i was looking down, the first thing that i saw was their brief la.not a very nice view. cis.cis.cis.

n the moment they saw me in the lift, the singging was stopped. seryes b4 dat diorg melalak kuat gile. n so there were three of us in the lift. sorg tu rambut ala2 tercacak kaler blonde (almost like platinum blonde la) n the other was bald. menakutkan pun ade gak tp rs mcm kelakar la bile ingt balik. so sepanjang dlm lif tu masing2 diam je sampaila mereka kelam kabut cari kunci bilik diorg..(which according to the bald one; was with the other friend who was still in the room when they left) time tu keluarla segala loghat diorg... wahahahah.

that was the most uncomfortable embarassing elevator ride ive ever had.


teyha! said...

adakah yang kamu looking down tu, kamu sedang message dgn PINAT? hihi.

mori said...

hihi. tidak. aku sdg bernyanyi2 kecil didalam lif. haha

oh teyha~ pinat dah balik negara tpt belajar dia =(

ina said...

dorg kecek klate ke?

teyha! said...

ala yeke. takpe la nt ym same PINAT ya.

mori said...

ina: aah. haha